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Case Studies
Private school uses as an economical
and reliable method to alert and notify staff members


Application: Quickly notify or alert all or a group of staff members in unique or extraordinary circumstances

Challenge: School's Head Master requires a means over and above ordinary communications to promptly notify twenty-six staff members mostly after hours, on weekends or when weather conditions cause delays or cancellations.

Methodology:Automate the call list to get phone messages to the staff by sending one email. Set up calls to go to all staff or group I or group II using filters. Educate the Assistant Headmaster and his secretary to also be able to utilize the features of to contact staff.

Result: Headmaster Wilson is prepared to notify all or various staff members at anytime when unusual or abnormal situations dictate.

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How has helped a person of blindness become more ‘connected’ and self-sufficient


Application: Persons of blindness and/or visually impaired

Challenge: Improve quality of life through the application of assistive technologies

Methodology: Identify and evaluate the use of service over a four month period by a blind person

Result: Significant improvement in connectivity and self-sufficiency

read more saves little league coach from multiple phone calls to notify players of schedule changes


Application: Contact multiple members of the Mytown Cardinals Little League Baseball Team in urgent situations

Challenge: Quickly notifying team members when weather conditions or other situations dictate a change
or cancellation of games or practices

Methodology: Set up a simultaneous team call network using service

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