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Coaches and Team Managers
Coaches and Team Managers represents a unique, time-saving phone message and alert capability for coaches, managers and team members. Now coaches can contact multiple team members via phone by simply sending one email to their email address. No more time-consuming separate phone calls to ten, fifteen or twenty different phones.

What if no one is home or the team member doesn't answer? No problem! will leave a message on voice mail enabled phones or continue calling at various intervals until the phone is answered. Virtually maintenance free, the only thing coaches and team managers need to worry about is adding or deleting phone numbers.

Setting up your account to handle multiple simultaneous phone calls to team members is simple. Here's how:

  1. Set up a regular account. A basic account is $10/month including 40 phone credits.
  2. Call customer support 888-364-5101 and request an Authorized Account. You must certify that you are a coach, manager or representative of an athletic team and are requesting an Authorized Account that allows the normal phone number verification process to be waived. Waiving this process means that you will maintain full responsibility for the accuracy of all phone numbers used on your account.
  3. Login to your account and go to the Configuration/Phones web page. Add the team member's phone numbers that you will want to call. The Authorized Account status allows you to bypass the normal phone number verification process. Specify which phones have answering machines or voice mail.
  4. When more than one phone number is added 'Multiple Phone Numbers only; please select one:' will appear above the "Additional Numbers" area. Click the button: Dial phone numbers simultaneously until all calls are accepted or voice mail enabled phones are reached.

When the first call is placed to a team member's number the initial message from will be "This is service calling you with an email voice message. If you want to continue to receive email voice messages from press one now. If you do not want to receive email voice messages from press the number two now." Coaches and managers need to alert team members that they will be receiving messages from and to press the number one on the initial call from