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Setting up your service is simple and easy. The Sign-Up Wizard will assist you in establishing your basic account. Emails from any source can be sent directly to and, if desired, you may set your preferences in your current email account(s) (MSN, Yahoo, Gmail, etc.) to also forward emails to will verify the phone number that you choose to receive your voice emails. If you are going to use to send an email voice message or alert to multiple phone numbers, then call customer support after setting up your regular paid account and request an ‘Authorized Account’. The Authorized Account status will allow you to add phone numbers without going through the normal phone number verification process. Waiving this process means that you will maintain full responsibility for the accuracy of all phone numbers used on your account.

Basic dial-in service to access voice emails in your inbox requires no additional set-up. If, however, you want the ability to dial-in to and access unread emails in your current email account (MSN, Yahoo, Gmail, etc.) you must set up a mailbox. The first time that you login to your account, select the Configuration/Mailboxes tab. You will be asked to provide your current email (i.e. MSN, Yahoo, Gmail, etc.) address, login and password information to allow access. For most email services will provide all of the necessary settings. With , you can have up to ten separate email mailboxes.

Receive Emails Automatically via Phone

When an email is sent directly or forwarded to from an email service, it is converted into a high-quality voice message that is then delivered to your phone number. Attachments to emails must be in .wav format for email2phone to recognize and play. A key feature allows you to selectively choose the emails that you receive by utilizing the filter option when setting up your account. If you choose, you may use multiple phone numbers with your account. Both sequential and simultaneous dialing options are available.

When you receive an email message via phone, you're able to preview the new message and listen to the body of the message. You must accept the message by pressing key 5 to ‘Reply’, key 7 to ‘Delete’ or key 8 to ‘Save’, or the system will call you back.

If you choose to reply to a saved or new message, you will be prompted to record a message into the phone. Your voice reply is then sent as a notification email with a voice file of your message. The voice file can be listened to on most computers with audio software and speakers.

Dial-In Service to Retrieve Emails as Voice Emails

In many ways, using combines the simplicity of ordinary email with the power of voice messaging. Using any phone, you can dial into your account and choose the messages you want to listen to as high-quality voice files. The system will ask you for your personal identification number (PIN) in order to log-in, and will tell you how many new and saved messages you have. You're able to preview the new messages by subject; and if desired, listen to the body of each message and reply, skip, delete or save. Similar to new messages, you will also be able to perform the same functions with your saved messages. Click Here to preview the Phone Response.

If you have set up additional mailboxes in order to access emails in other email services, you will be able to identify and access the mailboxes by pressing the phone keys.

Access Your Account Information

Your account information can be accessed from any computer via the Internet by logging in through the Member’s Login on the Web Site Home Page. Members are able to check account balances, examine emails in text format that have been received by , change preferences, and request customer support

The interconnected world of communication technologies is bringing the message sender and the recipient of the message together in powerful new ways. Try the Email to Phone service FREE for 30 days, and discover the power of communications.