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What is is a service that converts ordinary text email into phone alerts that can be delivered to your phone or retrieved by dialing into Like ordinary email, the phone voice messages are highly interactive with available responses: reply-to, save, delete and skip messages.
What can do for me?
On the Go – services are for people who need to receive important messages quickly and accurately. This includes "On the Go" messaging for professionals, consultants, sales executives, and others who are away from their office or home computer. Listen to your emails while driving or traveling anywhere there is a basic phone service.
Controlled Alerts – Send a phone alert to one or multiple phones anywhere with one email. Notify team members or staff members of severe weather conditions, postponements, cancellations or other urgent situations. Send delivery information or special instructions to customers and delivery drivers. Use the filter feature to select your voice message destinations by using keywords in the subject or body of the email message.
Messages delivered Anytime, Anywhere, Any Phone: Travel anywhere a phone is available and continue to receive and respond to emails in real time. can deliver important email messages to cell phones as well as regular phones. There is no need to be attached to a computer or a "digital" wireless network to receive email messages. In circumstances where reading emails is difficult or impossible (areas where email-enabled cell phones don’t work, or as a service for the visually impaired) enables full email access.

The interconnected world of communication technologies is bringing the message sender and the recipient of the message together in powerful new ways. Try the phone alert service FREE for 30 days, and discover the power of communications. is a service of AcrossCommunications, Inc., a Minneapolis, MN internet communication service providing integrated "Communications across the world"™.

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